Let's talk dependencies (again)

Jan Krutisch for JSUnconf 2019


Let's talk npm (again)

Jan Krutisch for JSUnconf 2019


Things I won't talk about

Tooling (aka "the sneaky advert")

But please take a look at Depfu.com

(Also: I have stickers)

The event-stream thing

Accessibility of the eco system

Let's talk about npm inc.

npm is the internet

npm can go away / will break

npm inc. is VC funded


(Source: Mostly @ceejbot)

Let's read between the lines

Investors are unhappy

  • New CEO
  • Layoffs
  • Very tight lipped founders

We need a Plan B

One first step:



  • Run by a foundation
  • Financed by its users

Let's discuss this further